THERE ARE more than 50 million HISPANICS IN THE U.S.

That is more than double the 1990 U.S. Census number of 22.4 million. Hispanics accounted for 56% of the nation’s growth between 2000 and 2010.

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The u.s. hispanic population is fast-growing (the census bureau projects an increase of 86%  between 2015 and 2050) and has tremendous economic clout (estimated to reach  $1.5 trillion in buying power in 2015, a 50% increase from 2010).​​

10 Million Hispanics Watch Mobile Video For An Average Of More Than Six Hours Per Month.


 Among smartphone owners, Hispanics are 17% more likely than non-Hispanics to access the web more through their phone than through a computer. 


The Number Of Spanish Keyword Searches Has Increased From About 65% To 200% Across Key Categories, Such As Auto, Food, Beauty, And Others, Between 2011 And 2014.

"Culture Is The New Language." Whether Promoting In Spanish Or English, Universal Goes Beyond Translation To Find Cultural Nuances.


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